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  • Voice Postproduction Services
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90% of great sound is the source recording.
90% of a great recording is not your gear, but how you use it.
The rest is post-production.

If your project involves recording yourself and reaching your audience with great quality, we should talk.

I offer recording mentoring and production services.  I invite you to have a look around the site to find the service that best suits you, listen to some examples, and contact me. I will be delighted to hear from you.
Voice Postproduction Services iTheSound
  • voice and sound production and postproduction services
  • voice and sound production and postproduction services
  • voice and sound production and postproduction services
  • voice and sound production and postproduction services
  • voice and sound production and postproduction services
  • voice and sound production and postproduction services
  • voice and sound production and postproduction services

Welcome to  


iTheSound brings Sound Mentoring and Production Services to authors, podcasters, therapists and teachers who:

- Value excellent sound quality

- Want to bring a creative, artistic and soulful approach to their output

- Think strategically and purposefully about how to reach their online audiences.

From the early concept stages until your audience feels you through their headphones, I will remove the roadblocks and ensure that you deliver an outstanding sound which will leave a mark in the heart of your audience.

If you do not want to spend months sorting your way through all the technical mambo-jambo to end up sounding 'just fine', then we are possibly a good match.

How can I best 

help you?

Wether you are looking for assistance to get started, your recordings need post-production, or you are looking for a producer to team up with, there is a service for you.

Sound Advice

When you could use some help to get started... 

From selecting the microphone to producing your first recording, as well as deciding how to publish your output. Let's upgrade your recording skills!
- Recording Mentoring- Onboarding
Services cover:
Microphone selection and proper usage
Optimization of your recording space
Setting up your recording software
Consultancy sessions: Branding, Marketing, Distribution, SEO, Content Planning...
Online platform setup: hosting, distribution, and more.
Let's Talk!
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When you need a good finishing touch for your material: this is cleaning, mixing, mastering, and exporting your work. 
- Guided Meditations & Hypnosis- Sound Branding: your identity- Podcast edition
Services includes:
Sound Cleaning
Mixing, Mastering & Export to final format
Creation of Intros & Outros, sponsorship placements
Upload to hosting platforms
Creation of promotional clips from source material
SEO Study for each piece of content
Consultancy sessions: Branding, Marketing, Distribution, SEO, Content Planning...
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When you need a producer to support you on multiple areas and stages of your project. 
- Full Production
This service includes:
One on One, continous support: we will work shoulder to shoulder on your project:
Sound Engineering & Internet Technology:
- From Recording to Publishing
- Management of online platforms
Ideation, Concept, Creativity & Branding:
- Creation of intros and outros
- Assistance with cover design
- Creation of titles & descriptions
Strategic and project management:
- Content planning
- Distribution strategy
- Workflow
- Marketing
- ...and more
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Clients that 

sound good!

Meditation Production for MFML
"Working with iTheSound ensures that we deliver the best sound quality to our community in our audio classes and guided meditations. Our teachers receive coaching on how to create professional recordings, and our audience receives the content with an amazing level of quality"
Kat Farrants
CEO of Movement For Modern Life
FEMWorking Podcast
"iTheSound helped us translate our brand into sound. Together we created great intros for our podcast and we keep sounding good with each episode. So much that Spotify recommended us as one of the new and noteworthy podcasts."
Isabel Santiandreu
CEO of FEMWorking.
"I knew I wanted to reach my audience at a professional level, but I did not know about recording, crafting an intro, editing my episodes, SEO or online platforms for my content. iTheSound is my sherpa of sound and I know I am in good hands."
Carmen Romero
Child Psychologist. CEO of Estimulacion Para Bebés (Early Stimulation)
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Let's hear from 

each other!

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