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Guided Meditations & Hypnosis

Meditation teachers and therapists who are aware of the power of their voices, know that poor sound can ruin the meditative experience.

The meditator, when focused, becomes so sensitive, that any little detail can interfere with the subtle state of mind which the teacher aims to create.

In my experience, many meditation teachers barely scratch the surface of what sound can do to reach mind and heart.

From choosing the right music to creating virtual 3D environments, we can take your sessions to a whole new level.

When we work together in your meditations recordings, I promise you will be heard as if you were right there with your students and clients. You will offer world-class sessions that reach and transform their minds and hearts. 
I want my sound to reach nirvana
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Sound Like A Pro &
Reach Them Where It Heals

Through a combination of recording mentoring and careful post-production, we can take the power of your voice to the next level: we facilitate the meditative practice through a sonic experience.

I invite you to listen to these before & after examples of people I have worked with. 

Click "play" and you will hear the raw recording, followed by the processed, final result after post-production in each example.
I want my sound to reach nirvana
guided meditation recording and production
  • How it is to work with me...

    Meditation Recording and Production
    Ellen Aarts -
    Words are too limited to describe how iTheSound has helped me grow, as a business owner but also as a creative human being.

    I am a coach, entrepreneur, yoga teacher and one tools I use is meditation. I thought writing a meditation and then editing it would be simple... Oh boy, little did I know! Before I started to work with iTheSound I edited the sound in Apple Imovie (please, don't go there!) and it was when I started working with iTheSound's incredible talents that my blinders were taken off! And not too lightly!

    You may get away with poor video quality sometimes, but you can not get away with poor quality in sound. Sound has the quality of being able to travel to your soul, to find the cracks in your system and then pour the light in. Good sound can make you go places, leave your everyday cares and worries behind, leave your limited world behind and make you feel complete, whole even. Sound can heal, and it is worth getting it right.

    That is why I chose to work with iTheSound, because I knew he had the capacity of creating a world around my voice that I just could not do by myself.

    After consulting with iTheSound, even without having to purchase new equipment, my recordings already improved dramatically. He made my voice sound incredible! Suddenly there was a depth, a quality, in such a natural way, I wouldn't have known how to do this.

    iTheSound has provided incredible professional guidance along the way. I have been given technical insights (from how to record properly, to which equipment is best and why, to technical terms that previously were foreign to me, to why something sounds good and why it doesn't) and honestly, I went from panicking just by seeing a cable to a capable, technical enthusiast! I have learnt so much and that has upgraded my toolkit and made me more enthusiastic about my content creation.

    When you want to start with big creative projects like your own meditation album or your own courses, I suggest you get support from someone who can assist you and help you achieve a level of quality that you can not do by yourself. Focus on what you are great at and delegate the rest to a producer. I can not recommend this enough.

    A million thanks for your amazing work!

    I want my sound to reach nirvana