sound identity and branding

Brand Your Sound

You want your audience to click "play" and feel you through their headphones. Your soul, or the soul of your project, needs to be encoded into sound.

Whether you are producing a podcast, an online course, or a hypnotherapy session: your intros, outros, and sonic identity are the vessel of your brand.

If you do not want to sound generic and diffuse, but want to differentiate yourself, make an emotional connection, and welcome your audience into your world, then let's craft your intros, outros, and sonic identity in alignment with the soul of your project.

The Darkside of the HODL Moon

The Dark Side Of The HODL Moon is (was) a cryptocurrency podcast where two crypto professionals ventured into the most obscure corners of the cryptocurrency universe.

Kade and Josh insisted on creating a playful, fun atmosphere, in contrast with the often too serious and technical tone of the cryptocurrency world. Their avatars were two astronauts on a mission to the dark side.

We decided to include everything: countdowns, rockets launching, spaceships traveling across the stereo field, sounds of astronauts talking on radio… and even Kade playing his ukulele as he floats around distant worlds.

FEMWorking - The Podcast For Entrepreneurial Women (Spanish)

FEMWorking is a community and an educational platform for entrepreneurial women. It got recommended by Spotify and Vogue as one of the podcasts to listen to if you are an entrepreneur.

Isabel, CEO of FEMWorking, needed the intro of the podcast to deliver a punch: it had to be energetic, uplifting, fun and feminine. Her vision of the project is a party of like-minded people where one can relax, have a good time, be oneself, and learn with others.

We blended several percussion loops we loved, and created an intro that is instantly recognizable to her audience.

We Speak Literature - Campus Lolita

campus lolita
The Catalan author Lolita Bosch is an internationally renowned author, teacher, speaker and activist with more than 80 novels and other works under her name. 

In her podcast she interviews other authors and explores the question of how literature and creativity influence our way of perceiving and creating the world.

We wanted to create a sonic piece that was creative, fun, playful and full of literature. 

The result was an intro and outro jingles created with the sound of pencils, paper, typewriters and a human heart beating. No voice has been included for this example.