voice recording coaching service

Recording Mentoring

90% of great sound happens at the recording stage, not in post-production.

90% of that source recording is in knowing how to use the gear and room you already have (you may not need a new shiny microphone after all).

The opposite is also true: professional gear and amazing post-production cannot make a poor source recording sound world-class.

I work with teachers, podcasters and voice artists who need to record themselves, so they can sound world-class in their recordings.

When you work with iTheSound as your recording mentor, you will:

- Learn how to maximize the sound of the gear you already have.

- Make the most of the room where you produce your recordings.

- Know which gear to buy should you need to upgrade.

- Learn how to work with recording software and optimize the settings for best quality.

- Understand different recording formats, as well as compression settings for the final mp3, and choose the ones that fit the needs of your project.

- Create test recordings and have them reviewed until you have mastered your set-up and recording abilities.

The promise? You will know how to sound like a pro, and will be able to fly solo...

...or we could continue to work together!