Hello! I am iTheSound

After a very intense and formative decade working in online marketing, advertisment, and blogging, I decided it was all a bit too much noise for me. 

I said farewell to my corporate career working for some of the biggest brands in the world, closed all my social media, kissed my blogging award goodbye, said farewell to my audience, and became a digital hermit.

Still, people around me were spending a great deal of effort, time and passion into their online content: podcasts, guided meditations, audio-books and online courses.

It was evident to an audiophile like me that they were not sounding as professional as they could, or should! They so deserved better, and so did their audiences, clients and students 

Being the audio geek that I am, I drew from my passion and skills as a musician and former content creator, and started offering my assistance as a mentor and producer.

My friends, now clients, were freed from the technical and strategic side of their creative output, spent more rewarding and productive time with the profitable side of their businesses and, best of all: they started to sound epic, and we were having fun along the way.

This gathered momentum, I took further training in sound and production, and soon enough a portfolio of services and examples of work done became available. You can browse around the web or contact me for further info.

Also quite importante, we believe in peaceful workflows. There are no urgencies or last-minute messages for the most part. We take our time to get things right, we plan ahead and take our personal lives into consideration. My clients (and I) enjoy a healthy pace within the rushed digital environment.

This concept seems to work, because here we are, sounding good!