Hello! I am iTheSound

I am an audio enthusiast with a decade-long experience in online marketing, content creation, and digital strategies. In iTheSound I bring all of this knowledge together and offer it to teachers, communicators, and people that want to deliver their knowledge in audio form with the highest level of quality and care.

It all started with me helping some entrepreneur friends who were doing their podcasts and online content on their own. The message was good, but my ears were bleeding, so I started providing some mentoring about recording, I did the editing, coached them with their strategies... and before I knew it, we were in business, and sounding good.

There is an entire ethos to this enterprise. In a world that values speed and urgency, we started setting timelines that allowed us to enjoy our work and do it with the highest levels of quality, with plenty of time in advance. In an environment where short, instantaneous messages has become the norm, we decided to have proper, meaningful conversations about our projects.

This concept works. We have no last-minute emergencies in iTheSound, nothing is rushed but everything gets done. We take it easy, but accept nothing but excellence. As a result, we get to enjoy what we do, both the result as well as the process.

If you feel you are a good fit for the iTheSound family, please contact me and we will chat.