production services

Full production Services

Would you benefit from a friendly voice next to you? Someone you can team up with, who guides you along the way, keeps your quality world-class, provides feedback, solves problems, and takes some of the workload off your shoulders?

When you hire me as a producer I will be there on an ongoing basis to provide:

- Creative input
- Strategic & Tactical input
- Quality control
- Post-production of your content
- Recording coaching
- Technical and administrative assistance

You will be able to focus on what you do best, and will have the certainty that I am watching over your project, taking care of the details that would otherwise consume your time and creativity.

a conversation with Isabel Santiandreu

Isabel tells us about her experience working with iTheSound on her podcast, from the ideation stage, to our continuing collaboration over the years.

a conversation with Carmen Romero

Carmen is a child psychologist, not an audio engineer. Her podcasts and videos is how she reaches families and provides support. She tells us about her experience working with iTheSound